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Ellen DeGeneres arrêtait de fumer grâce à la méthode d'Allen Carr

Richard Branson a utilisé la méthode d'Allen Carr methode

Sir Richard Branson

Ruby Wax se sent libérée!

Anthony Hopkins: Quelle Révelation!

Ashton Kutcher a assisté à une séance d'Allen Carr

Lou Reed arrêtait de fumer grâce à la méthode Allen Carr

Johnny Halliday ne fume plus

Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday

"I have not touched a cigarette since July, previously I couldn’t stay away from them for more than two days. I followed the Allen Carr method. The session [at the Allen Carr centre] lasted for more than four hours and I left disgusted with myself. My daughters are very happy. They told me: "This is the best gift that you can give us" and I feel much better."

Emma Freud

Emma Freud“A friend of mine went to see a therapist and stopped easily…then three more friends went, they experienced no weight gain and no withdrawal symptoms. After seven of my friends had been and stopped smoking easily, I couldn’t ignore it any more. The time I spent with Allen Carr was some of the most important and effective since I smoked the first cigarette when I was fourteen. If it didn’t sound so embarrassing I’d tell you it changed my life. It’s really easy. It really, really works and you don’t put on weight.

Michael Ball


 “Emma and I went to an Allen Carr session and both of us stopped that day..That was about 5 years ago. I have never looked back. Not so much as a crafty puff. Neither has Emma” 

Gianluca Vialli

“I stopped with an Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Seminar. I wanted to feel free, not a slave to nicotine which does not give you any pleasure.”

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